Parents who may be concerned with the following:
Co-Parenting through Separation and Divorce

How can you navigate co-parenting with someone who hurt you so badly? The divorce was hard enough, now you have to parent together?? Yes! It can be done….AND with great success. Sometimes a little guidance and support is all that is needed.  Other times, more intense intervention is required.  I’m here to help, guide and support.

Child Behaviour Parent Coaching

Is it difficult to understand why your child is behaving in a certain way? I can and give you the tools you need to improve those challenging behaviours and understand where your child is coming from. Parents who are engaged in the process and act as the “guide” have children who make the most progress.

Supporting parents of children with special needs

Perhaps you’ve just learned of the diagnosis; maybe you’ve been parenting your child with a diagnosis for years but it’s starting to catch up with you. It is a common feeling of parents who have children with disabilities to feel overwhelmed and stressed. I’m here to support, encourage, and empower.

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