Individuals who may be concerned with the following:

Difficulties in Romantic Relationships

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels in relationship after relationship? You want to share your life with a significant other but feel like it’s never going to happen.  Maybe your past keeps popping up in the present and your relationships just don’t last. Maybe you’re having difficulty with intimacy due to past betrayal.  Does it feel like “it’s just going to happen again”? Individual Counselling can help you with current, past, and future relationships.

I can help you leave the resentment in the past, heal the wounds, and get to a healthy place with your relationship.

Other Relationships

Maybe you’ve struggled with your relationship with your mother or your father for years. Having a sense of loss or absence in childhood can greatly impact your life as an adult.  Sometimes this distress can impact our lives so tremendously that it interferes with our marriages and our ability to parent our own children effectively.  When this distress continues, it is time to talk to someone. I can help you heal from the pain of years ago.

Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Is it becoming too difficult to control your anxiety throughout the day? Are you feeling worried or overwhelmed all the time?  Is your anxiety starting to affect your relationship with your spouse or affect your parenting?  Has it been difficult or your spouse to understand your anxiety? Are sleeping, eating, or other daily functions becoming a problem?  Has your doctor prescribed you medication to help your anxiety but wants you to seek therapy too?

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”

-Tony Robbins

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