How we will work together

How we work together is based on your needs. Sometimes clients like to attend every week while others prefer scheduling every other week.

YOU did the hardest part…looking for help. Part of what I do as a therapist is to figure out how to help. I generally approach therapy from a relational perspective, (hence the term “Relationship Therapist”).  If you are coming to see me because your spouse was unfaithful and you are trying to put your marriage back together, therapy is a two-step process: work on trust first and foremost, then work on the rest of the marriage.  Attachment, Security and Trust are all vital parts of the work I do as a Relationship Therapist. Here is an example of the role Attachment plays in adult relationships

If you’re an individual coming in for therapy, I will work with you at your pace with the goal of gaining insight and making positive changes.  Sometimes I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  This works well to move you forward when you’re challenged by anxiety and depression for example.  For your growth and healing, it is so important to understand the impact your thoughts have on your actions, behaviours, feelings, and, in essence, your life.

These are just some of the ways in which I work with clients.

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