Individuals who may be concerned with the following:
Stress regarding romantic relationships
  • Have you been told time and time again that you are ‘the jealous type”?
  • Do you feel like you can’t find that right “someone”? You want to share your life with a significant other and feel like it’s never going to happen.
  • Are you having difficulty with intimate relationships because of past betrayal? You feel like it’s just going to happen again or that you’re sabotaging it before it really begins? I can help you get to a place of trust and security again.
Other relationships
  • Maybe you’ve struggled with your relationship with your mother or your father for years.
  • Having a sense of loss or absence in childhood can greatly impact your life as an adult.
  • Sometimes this distress can impact our lives so tremendously that it interferes with our marriages and our ability to parent our own children effectively.
  • When this distress continues, it is time to talk to someone. I can help you heal from the pain of long ago.
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Is it becoming too difficult to control your anxiety throughout the day?
  • Is your anxiety starting to affect your relationship with your spouse or affect your parenting?
  • Has it been difficult or your spouse to understand your anxiety?
  • Are you feeling worried and overwhelmed all the time?
  • Do you struggle with sleep issues?
  • Has your doctor prescribed you medication to help your anxiety but wants you to seek therapy too?

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